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First Place, Online Consumer Acquisition, The Home Depot Holiday Decorating Site

Web Marketing Association
Outstanding Website, The Home Depot Holiday Decorating Site

The John Caples Awards, New York
Finalist, Direct Mail Campaign, AT&T Consumer Winback
Finalist, Consumer Single Medium Campaign, Kibbles ín Bits

New England Direct Marketing Association
Best of Show, Cross-Channel Seminar Promotion, W.A. Wilde (freelancer)
First Place, Best Print Production, GMC Sierra/Pontiac Grand Am
Second Place, Business-to-Business Catalog, Chevy Trucks
Second Place, Image/Awareness Building Mail, AT&T Business Services
Second Place, Other Media Campaign, AT&T Internal Sales Promotion
Third Place, Direct Mail Campaign, AT&T Business Services
Third Place, Direct Mail Campaign, Oldsmobile Intrigue

International Echo Awards
Finalist, American Century Investments, Migration DM Campaign

AMY Awards
First Place, The Home Depot, Do-It-Herself Workshops Online Ads